Horvath’s Chimney and Stucco Service provides full chimney repair services including masonry, stucco, river rock stone veneer installation, chimney repointing, and rebuilding. Even with preventative measures, the elements wear down chimneys bit by bit, so some repair is necessary with maintenance.

Masonry and Brick Repairs

finished masonry and brick work on a chimneyExternal damage on your chimney can build up simply from years of rain, nasty winter storms, or even damage from debris. Eventually, bricks may become cracked or broken and the mortar holding it together can simply wear to bits. If your chimney accumulated too much damage, that can leave it vulnerable to leaking and cause heat loss or water damage. A damaged chimney not only leads to water damage, but can be an obvious eyesore. Chunks of brick worn away or rusty metal parts can deter any buyers looking into your home.

Make sure your chimney remains strong and looks beautiful with our high-quality masonry work around Reading and Wyomissing PA. We also replace and install chase covers, top mount dampers, stainless steel liners, and other chimney parts essential to protecting your chimney.



Stucco Repair

stucco work in progress

Have you checked the stucco beneath your windows or other places where your home is exposed to water? Do the edges of your stucco chimney look smudged or stained?

Dark stains and streaks could be a sign of water damage or a weak spot that could soon cause water damage. That’s where our stucco remediation comes in to fix up those areas and return them to their former beauty. We are professionals trained to recognize weak spots and locate water damage, so we are experienced in finding the source of the damage and where there could be more. In addition to stucco, we provide river rock stone veneer installation and brick veneer installation. We can repair stucco below windows, chimneys and other places the sun could fade or water could damage.

finished grey stucco on a narrow chimney

finished white stucco work on a large chimney

Horvath’s has already provided masonry and stucco services for many residents in the Reading, Lancaster, Glenmoore, Douglassville, and Morgantown, as well as the Robesonia, Chester Springs, and Wyomissing PA areas. If you think you need masonry, brick repointing, brick rebuilding, or chimney repair or repointing, feel free to email or call us.

Repoint Your Masonry and Repair Your Faded Stucco