rebuild and repointed brick chimney with one abnormal row of bricks as decoration
We offer the full range of chimney repairs to chimney systems, big and small. Our company provides high-quality brick repointing and brick rebuilds for chimney repointing and repair. We provide a service to spray the chimney with a masonry water repellent. We also provide various repairs to all parts of the chimney. The elements gradually damage your chimney bit by bit, especially the mortar holding the bricks together. If you don’t have your chimney repointed, the masonry weakens and this can leave your chimney vulnerable to worse damage like leaks. Make sure your chimney is protected and still beautiful by protecting and maintaining the masonry.


While inspecting the chimney we will make certain to check the crown of your chimney.

Horvath’s has provided chimney cleaning, repairs like crown repairs, and replacing parts like chase covers and stainless steel liners in addition to fireplace repair and veneer installation for many residents in the Reading, Lancaster, Glenmoore, Douglassville, and Morgantown, as well as the Robesonia, Chester Springs, and Wyomissing PA areas. If you have any reason to think you need masonry, brick repointing, brick rebuilds, or chimney repair or repointing, feel free to email or call us with the contact info below.

brick front step in need of repointing
Before Horvath’s repointing work
brick repointing of a front step completed
After Horvath’s repointing work